FOL & Team released an updated version of the UAE port to PSP.


* Dumped all sound bar stereo, in an attempt to gain speed
* Corrected Makefile error, which lost us some speed
* Add CYCLE_UNIT as option, setting is either 512 (Normal) or 256 (Turbo)
* Add Chipset CYCLE_UNIT as a hidden auto switch option, that switches with CPU CYCLE_UNIT option
* Fixed screen going off center when switching off auto zoom and when selecting 4:3
* Add lock for new CPU option, stops accidently pressing option and invoking a hard reset
* Add config option checking to check cycle_unit, screen position, cpu lock and sound delay for old config files
* Add SOUND_DELAY option, this allows us to switch between 1 and 9 ms. (9 ms does speed things up, but causes sound to breakup a little)
* Add Hard Reset to Main Menu
* Add Hard Reset when PSPUAE hits “Fetch Error” (stops fetch crash/loop if Cycles set wrong after loading config)
* Altered Cycle Turbo, CPU Chipset timing to higher value (only when using Turbo Cycles)
* Dumped Sound Optimise as it did very little and caused crash
* Fix Audio Event time
* Fix Audio delay (FOL, added this as an option, so a few more FPS could be gained at the expence of the audio quality).
* Fix Home Button Exit crash, if you were in PSPUAE menu.
* When cycle unit is changed, pspuae will hard reset instantly
* If KickStart 1.3 is not found it will look for any other kickstart, with the following name format, KICK205, KICK30 etc etc. If none are found, PSPUAE will exit to PSP XMB