PSPuht is a picture processing tool for PSP.

Release notes:

PSPuht (for psp ultimate head/hand tracker), is based on image processing.

It uses filters.
It identifies pixels values in the ycrcb colorimetric space.
It evaluates the position of a cloud of black pixels in a black & white image.

What’s new in V1.1.0:

Poc in video :

This version is greater flexible and give better performances with a tracking more tolerant to noise/parasites.

– A single allocation is necessary to initialize the buffers.
Allocate 0x22240 bytes for a direct rendering (No medium filter applied). Else allocate 0x34E40 bytes if you want to apply the medium filter.

myUht-> initBuffer (Bwork, false, false) / / the second parameter indicates if seek to do a direct rendering. The last parameter indicates if the buffer RGB_565 shall be used or not.

– Ability to apply a grid of pixelization on the black pixels cloud. (corresponding to the tracked entity.) This grid allows the elimination of parasites. You need to set the size of a grid cell, and give a tolerance relating to the pixels outside the cloud.

myUht-> setGrid (8, 32) / / grid cell size = 8; 8 * 8 pixels = 64; 64 / 2 = 32. Tolerance to the pixels outside the cloud is 32.

– Ability to define minimum dimensions of the cloud pixels (corresponding to the tracked entity). myUht-> setMinDim (20, 20); xMin = 20 yMin = 20 (width, height)