Here is a new version of PSPWrite the text editor for PSP

It permits to edit even huge text file, in both dos and unix mode, using iso8859-1 (8bits) characters encoding. All iso8859-1 characters are present in the “Danzeff like” virtual keyboard.

The IR keyboard support is based on the work of Harald Fielker (author of the PSP IR Keyboard Library) with a new patch from Craig to support Sprint PCS IR keyboard.

It has been developed on linux for Firmware 1.5 and 3.40-OE, and for the IR keyboard part it has been tested using a Targus Universal IR Wireless keyboard.


– IR keyboard is now active in all menus and the ENTER
key works fine (no need to press Ctrl-X in menus)
– file extention are now ignored so you can edit any file
– the last folder used to load a file becomes the new default
– the last folder is saved in the configuration file
(so the default folder is not always pspwrite/txt/ folder)
– options are now saved on exit
– ask before to overwrite a file
– keys such as page-up or page-down are now working fine
in the virtual keyboard
– add missing key mapping in the help file
– option to specify the text and background color
– option to specify the width/heigth of the editor screen
(the screen will be automatically centered)
– tabulations are now supported
(and expanded in space optionally)
– Bug fix and code cleaning