Here is a new version of PSPWrite the text editor for PSP. It permits to edit even huge text file, in both dos and unix mode, using iso8859-1 (8bits) characters encoding. All iso8859-1 characters are present in the “Danzeff like” virtual keyboard.


– Add Recent files menu to load previously opened files (usefull to edit several files at the same time)
– Add a kind of bookmark feature to save last cursor position in each recent files.
– Add a simple syntaxic colorization feature for C/C++ files and Lua scripts. (you can add any other langages in syntax.cfg file).
– Add a status line to display several informations such as current cursor position.
– Add command mode to search a word forward and backward or to go directly to a given line number.
– Add history feature for command mode to retreive previously entered commands.