PXDrum Drum Machine is simple sample-based drum sequencer, which can be used for composing drum tracks, playing drum backing track for learing/training, or as a drum-machine emulator.


– Updated disco and reggae examples.
– Grid cursor mouse and arrow movement now locked together.
– Made UI more customisable (textures.bmp now holds gui colours).
– Icons for PSP XMB.
– Fix to timing/sync (BPM is now far more accurate).
– Added “Record to WAV” function.
– Added simple “VU meter” (in place of Pitch bar).
– Increased song sequence length to 100 patterns.
– Add “Jump to” option in sequence menu.
– Increased number of patterns to 50.
– Pattern list now “follows” current pattern (like sequence list follows
current song position).
– Implemented minor “joystick mouse” acceleration.
– Implemented control using PSP headphone remote (PSP only).
– Shuffle value and VolRand value now displayed in “Info Panel”.
– Added BIG_ENDIAN file i/o for PS3 version.

Thanks to Jum for the news via webboard ( //phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4255 ) and email!