Quiz Man is a multiple choice quiz for PSP.

Changes compared to the last beta:

– [ADDED] Quiz Browser
– [ADDED] Quiz Info Menu
– [ADDED] Time in Menu
– [ADDED] GFX (Yay!) (Skinable)
– [ADDED] Register Feature
– [ADDED] Online Quiz Feature
– [ADDED] Authentication(Register) Information Saved In a File
– [ADDED] Encryption/Decryption on the password
– [ADDED] Splash (With Effect)
– [ADDED] Update Feature
– [ADDED] Function to Recreate file with authentication information
– [ADDED] Scoreboard Feature (When online quiz is done, your Score and time will be uploaded)-> Need to register
– [ADDED] Quiz Maker + Quiz name stored in quiz file
– [CHANGED] Maximum Questions is now 20 (Instead of 10)