Hellcat has updated Recovery Flasher.


– Fixed a flaw in the backup/restore functions that made them going haywire on CFWs of 3.52 and below when restoring a full firmware from a backup.
Now works fine on those lower CFWs as well

– Well, this one is more “just for fun” than meant serious…. I made an additional build of the app, that runns on unpatched, virgin, original 1.50
Restoring and creating backups works as fine as installing a fresh M33 CFW (3.71/4.01) – YES, you can go from 1.50 STRAIGHT AND NONSTOP to a fresh 4.01-M33 this way!
The other way round also works: restoring a 1.50 from a backup when running on 4.01.
(this might also help people having installed the 1.50 AddOn and so unable to use the original build)