RenPSP is a Lua-based clone of the Ren’Py Visual Novel engine for Playstation Portable.


Here are some new features:
+ Added ICON0 and PIC1 design
+ Support for game description files (see desc.lua on any game folder)
+ Game preview backgrounds on main menu (only on Windows version for now)
+ Screenshots are now saved in ms0:/PICTURE/RenPSP
+ Sounds can now be disabled upon game boot
+ Support for $ and $renpy.load() functions
+ Menu selection scrolling

Bug fixes:
+ Background loading from save game

Released with several mini-VNs:

+ a test game to demonstrate some features
+ “The Question” by LSF Team (Revised)
+ “9 мая” by IIchan Eroge Team
+ “Ripples” by Ayu Sakata (Revised)