Resonate is a fast paced undersea rail shooter. Your goal is to evolve into a thresher shark and become king of the ocean. On normal difficulty the player starts as a Sea Urchin (level 2). Hit the blue striped targets to collect evolution up. Collect eight and move up a level to Sea Horse (level 3). Miss a target that collides with you and move down to Zooplankton (level 1). If you’re hit too many times, the adventure ends and you need to try again.


– five hero forms: Zooplankton, Sea Urchin, Seahorse, Stingray, Thresher Shark
– high score tracking for each game
– boss fight at the end of the main level
– online high score sharing
– enemies in various attack formations
– three kinds of power ups
– level editor for Windows, Linux or MacOS based on fltk and OpenGL


– fixed boss damage visualization