Quote from the author Chrisp6825:

This game is about trying to get the white ball into the big purple one while fighting gravity and friction with anti-gravity blocks.

You also want to get to the finish point with the shortest run, least amount of anti-gravity blocks, and fastest build time.
You have to avoid obstacles like bombs, walls, and traps, while jumping through portals and grabing keys.

This game is based on a game at addicting games I saw called “Compulse”. My friend showed it to me and it seemed like a good chalenge to beat. After I beat it, I wanted to play it more. So I decided to put it on my psp and take it where ever I went, but the game was in flash and I hate the psp’s lash player. So I thought it’d be fun to remake it and then play it on my psp.

This is a Lua game. I’ve tested it in Luaplayer HM 5.0 and 6.6. It did work on Luaplayer .20 but I added Mp3’s to the game.