Rock Station gives you the chance to jam away using both drums and guitar for hours on end and even compose your

own music!

Modules in detail:

*Drum Simulator
The Drum Simulator gives you all the buttons on the PSP to use to your disposal to smash and crash on a virtual kit.
Once you’ve had enough making up your own beats you can access the music player and load music out of your
ms0:/MUSIC directory so you can bang along to your favourite tunes.

*Guitar Simulator
By using the analog stick to strum and ^/X/O/[] to cycle through chords you can play the chords like you would on a
real guitar.

Those who have trouble keeping in time can use the composer to create their own music. The composer gives you
two bars two mess around with, adding notes in quater, eighth and sixteenth note positions and supports drums and

*Notable Features
-Drums, composer and guitar times displayed in main menu. See how much time you’ve wasted playing 😛

-Saving and loading.
-Support for more than the standard acoustic and synth kit setups when using the drum composer. Rock Station will
automatically read the contents of Sounds/Drums/ and list the folders in the composer menu. Make sure the folder
contains EVERY sound needed or it the program will crash.

*Drum Simulator
-Music playback while you play. Browser can be accessed by pressing select while playing.
-Multiple kit setups like in the Composer.

*Guitar Simulator
-Strum as you would on a real guitar.