RS Psar Dumper is a “derivated” from classical Psar Dumper (last version of which was released by M33 Team).
Its functions are the same of classical Psar Dumper (so dump Firmware from an Official Udpater Eboot), but it’s more! Infact this version has a user interface full of colors, more interactive and especially it has the new important function to make a dump of Firmware directly on PC, without using Memory Stick!
Infact this Homebrew has a USBHostfs connection function with a PC, so the program can read eboot directly from Hard Disk (that is a good profit because new Sony Updater Eboots weigh also more than 20Mb!) and it can also dump the Firmware directly on PC, so Memory Stick is NEVER used during the process!

What is the effective profit?
1. Well, first of all homebrew does not require free space on Memory Stick (that can be full too!)
2. You spare time because you do not need to copy files betwenn PC and Memory Stick!
3. Extracting and Dumping process require a very smaller time!
An example? Look to this my little “experiment”: