sdlBasic is a small, efficient multiplatform basic interpreter originally created by Roberto Viola in 2002.

Its core is based on wxBasic and syntax, inspired by AMOS, is easy to learn by beginners contains the reference guides language overview, comand syntax, examples and additional tools and resources, required for development.

Using the interpreter
sdlBasic program(s) should be saved in [program_name].sdlbas file and placed in sdlBasic folder, together with EBOOT.PBP file and fonts directory. Of course, sdlBasic folder can be renamed, and EBOOT icon/background can be replaced with a number of tools. If only one .sdlbas file is detected in the folder, the interpreter immediately runs it. Over wise the program selection screen is displayed.

PSP-specific features & limitations
– setdisplay() dimensions are limited to 640×480, 320×240, 480×272 (and some derivatives)
– only some keyboard keys are mapped (arrows, enter, space, escape) and available through key() / inkey commands.
– all psp buttons can be queried with getButtonJoystick() call with button indexes from 0 to 13
– mouse calls are partially implemented via the analog pad and buttons mapped to [x],[o],[triangle],[square]
– isPSP=1 and os=PSP variables are added for platform detection.
– network, mpeg and cd-control calls as well as shell() are not implemented yet.
– mp3 playbeack is not supported. Ogg, wav and tracker formats should be used instead.