Masterderico released Shiva and Lisa 3, it’s a Beat-em up game for PlayStation Portable.


– The best Streets of Rage criminals are back, and extremely powerful!
– 4 chars to play, 2 totally new: Shin and Mona.
– 2 games in 1: Two new story modes to play,with different levels and enemies.
– All new stages and new villains.
– Improved gameplay: Far better than the previous games.
– Alot of new amazing moves.
– Specials,Super Specials,Cancels and more: More than 20 moves per char.
– You now can do “super specials” on “juggled” enemies.
– Pro combos and dynamic gameplay.
– Mp gauge and combo meter.
– In-game MoveList and a practice mode for you improve your skills.
– Full widescreen game: 480×272.
– Stereo Music.
– Quality SoundTrack and deep Sound Effects: Turn on your Subwoofer!!

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