Shooter is a 2D puzzle/action platformer.

Shooter takes place in the ordinary world of a young teenager. You’re just minding your own business playing with some buddies at a park when a familiar face approaches you.

Jimmy asks you if you want to go get a bite to eat, and so you say “sure”. As you begin to walk away with Jimmy, something unimaginable unfolds. After being pushed into a puddle by Jimmy, and being knocked out, your world gets turned upside down. You are pushed into a fictional world full of dangers, monsters, and mysteries. You must push on to survive.


– Easy map making format for users who wish to make their own maps
– Skinning system implemented for map making
– Mp3 playing from ms0:/MUSIC/ directory using the PSP Media Engine
– Official PSP Savedata loading/saving as well as dialogue screens
– Motion kit driver support for moving left/right
– Bonus maps are available if you can find them in doors!
– Unlock special maps! Encryption used for unlocked content file,5295.0.html