This is a little app for the PSP which gives you the possibility to doze off with your favourite chill-out music playing silently and wake up with some loud and hard music (or even with the beep.wake.mp3 in the package) with volume maxed at a predefined time.

Features so far:
– Full cbr/vbr/abr 8kbps-320kbps 44.1kHz MP3 support
– MP3 can be of arbitrary length
– Manage different playlists for Sleep and Wake modes
-> add / remove mp3s
-> save / load playlists
– In Sleep mode you can set a special, more silent volume
– Wake mode is entered at a preset time with volume maxed (you can always adjust the maximum volume with the VOL + and – keys)
– Write yourself a message which will be displayed in Wake mode
– USB Mass Storage can be enabled/disabled within the app