Sleep’n’Wake is a little app for the PSP which gives you the possibility to doze off with your favourite music playing silently and wake up with music and volume maxed.

Already known Features:
– Full cbr/vbr/abr 8kbps-320kbps 44.1kHz MP3 support
– MP3 can be of arbitrary length
– Manage different playlists for Sleep and Wake modes
-> add / remove mp3s
-> save / load / randomize playlists
– In Sleep mode you can set a special, more silent volume
– Wake mode is entered at a preset time with volume maxed (you can always adjust the
maximum volume with the VOL + and – keys)
– Snooze for a preset amount of time in Wake Mode by pressing L or R Shoulderbutton
– Write yourself a message which will be displayed in Wake mode
– Energy Save Mode (underclocks the PSP to 50MHz while no mp3 is running)
– Big Digits Time Display (set 24h or 12h am|pm as you like in the Set Wake Time Option)

NEW Features:
– The Wake Playlist will be looped infinitely
– Fade the Wake-Up Tracks in, set up a time interval for this
– Save your Battery’s life, the PSP gets send into Suspend Mode after the last track in the Sleep List has been played, the PSP gets resumed one minute before the Wake Time
— this feature could only be possible with the help of Adrahil and his (yet not fully complete, but hey! who cares?) AlarmLib
-> NOTE: Activate this feature in the Customize Menu, it is deactivated by default
– Customize the Font Colours
– Multilanguage Support (EN_DE_FR_IT_NL_FI_PT_PT-BR)
– PowerLock feature, if enabled will prevent the user from switching the PSP to Suspend by hand with nudging the Power Switch upwards (this is good, because switching the PSP to Suspend by hand causes it to never get back without removal of the Batteries)