SG57 has released “Small Game” to the PSP community.

Release notes:

Well, your Mr.Green with an elastic extension jutting out of you (O.o) connected to a wrecking ball, if you will. Object of hte game is to flail that sucker around to send the other enemies that are out to get you to flying. (it’s pretty addictive hitting them all and watching them sail off the screen, the SFX make me laugh everytime…).

I’m not the best, but I do enjoy playing every time. (whoever knows my high score gets a cookie)

Select to cycle through bg effects (one of them turns them off if you dont like them).
Start is pause.
R and L triggers will make subtle changes to the background effects (yet those small changes result in a big graphical difference ^^).
Analog / D-Pad – move your guy

Video in action: