Release notes:

Hello again, everybody!

This time is turn for the good Sega Master System to have their RM (Rewind and Mirror) version.

The coder of SMSPlusPSP, Mr. Akop (Uberjack), has kindly allowed me to add the rewind and mirror functionality to his great Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator, so all my thanks goes to that great coder.

I hope you know what Rewind and Mirror mods are, but if you haven’t tried NesterJ RM or RIN RM before, let me quote myself from previous releases:

“…With rewind you can warp back in time, within the game, without worrying about saving states. If you made a mistake, you can press “rewind” button and undo it….”

“…In mirror mode, like it’s name says, all graphics are horizontally inverted. So, if your favorite platform game is played from left to right, this time you can have the choice of playing it from right to left…”

As usual, by default, Rewind key is mapped to RTRIGGER, but you can reassign it “Controls” menu. Mirror mode can be selected in “Options->Screen” size menu.

Also you can configure rewind parameters in “Options” menu, in order to have more rewind time or more smooth rewind.

Greetings to all of you!