SNES9x Euphoria is a speed optimized version, based off the last version of SNES9xTYL by rukka.


[+] Bug where you couldn’t have more than 200 roms in the ROMS folder or the emulator would crash is now fixed. (I tested with 800 roms in there)
[+] Bug where the emulator would freeze then hard-power-off your PSP after trying to load more than 3 roms is now fixed. (I tried loading rom after rom at least 12 times with no issues)
[+] Bug where you couldn’t return to the menu after running a game is now fixed. (thank god lol)
[+] Bug where emulator would hard-power-off PSP when exiting rather than return to the Xmb is now fixed (both in file menu and main menu)
[+] Bug where the emulator wouldn’t start on Gen firmware fixed (tested by myself on 5.50GenC and Cmbeke on 5.50GenB)
[+] Possible minor speedups from code cleanup.
[+] Removed the intro screen for now. (will be configurable in the next build)

Thanks to for the news.