Chilly Willy’s been busy this last week, programming with his new acquaintance CaptShoe, and here’s the result. This is Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 with MediaEngine support… for the Slim! There were also a few bug fixes as well. Although this is targeted at Slim owners, it works just fine on the phat as well. On the slim, it goes in GAME, GAME360, or GAME371. On the phat, it goes in GAME3xx or GAME if you have the kernel mode set to 3.xx.

One major limitation on this version – you cannot change the speed. It’s hardcoded for 333 MHz. This is because you cannot change the CPU speed while the MediaEngine is running or the Slim hangs. In a related issue, sleep mode has been disabled since sleep would have done nothing at all. As such, this will drain your battery rapidly.