dragula96 has updates his Tetris game TetriAbetes once gain.


* Fixed a bug with ghost where it would appear above piece if piece was right under some blocks.
* Fixed Audio Loop Time Delay, music should loop after music ends and not right before.
* Fixed High Score bug, where High Score would not load the last Digit.
* Adjusted soft drop delays(the piece dropped to fast).
* Fixed Hard drop points added, now hard drop will give you 2 points for every square based on how far up you drop it.
* Adjusted Drop Delay on Piece(it was dropping to slow at start up).
* Adjusted delay for left/right auto repeat(just slightly-it was to fast).
* Adjusted Ghost transparency level(made it less visible for less confusion).
* Added Rotate Left Function(yes finally, press x to rotate left)
* Fixed a bug where level 10 was broken
*Removed sound event of when piece drops down(it gets annoying at higher levels).
* Adjusted Hard drop delay to 0.5 second(as requested by jungle-cat).