A “Game of Life” game by maxthebest for PlayStation Portable.

Release notes:

Here is finally a real version of my Game Of Life.
I released a few weeks ago a demo which you could not interact with, and which generated noise. Now, in this one, you can edit the life pattern as you want, and load some I already made, but there is no more sound because of some bugs I’ll fix for next time.

– A splash screen has been added (press any key to continue)
– A definition screen has been added: you can see an extract from wikipedia’s definition of the Game Of Life
– Sound has been removed for two reasons: headaches and it didn’t work. It’ll be back in next version, with the possibility of shutting it off.
– A menu pops up when you press SELECT, and you can chose one of the three patterns (for the moment: empty, random, and Goper’s glider gun). Keep SELECT pressed while pressing up/down/cross to navigate in this menu.
– You can see the number of generations that have happened since the beginning of the pattern by pressing L. This number is reset when you generate a new pattern, or edit the actual one.
– When you press START, you will pause the evolution, and see a “0” or “1” printed in red on the screen, this is your cursor, move it with up/down/left/right, and press Cross to give life to a cell, and circle to take life from it.
– When in pause mode, Square will clean the screen.
– To take a screenshot, press R. Screenshots are saved under ms0:/PICTURES/GoLX.png, X being the number attributed to the picture.
– If the Picture folder does not exist, the program will create it (to avoid annoying bugs).
– The icon has been changed (you can see Gosper’s glider gun on it now).