Art updated his multifunction clock & MP3 player application Time Baby.


– MP3 Player sleep mode implemented. PSP is suspended at the end of the playlist ready for the
alarm function to wake it up in the morning. Playlist is restarted on wake up, as well alarm sounding.
– MP3 Player will stop current track in single track mode, or skip to next track in playlist mode
when the PSP is woken from suspend with the mp3 player active.
– Implemented support for special config file that will cause the MP3 Player to be clocked at 333/333/166 MHz.
The second last byte can be changed to any value other than zero with a hex editor to use the fast CPU speed.
– Pause button on the headphone remote will announce the time once when the track is paused.
– Headphone remote can be plugged in at any time now the serial port is only activated in GPS time set mode.
– Various code fixes.