Art updated his clock/time application “Time Baby”.

Release notes:

Here’s a major bug fix update with a sexy new feature as well 🙂

This release should resolve issues with the Mad MP3 Player for those that were hanging onto V12c, so newer features can be used.

Also, there is now a graphic display for the Heart Rate Monitor mode for the limited number of people using it. This version also has the ability to save a Heart Rate logfile to MS if configured to do so, making it possible for a Windows programmer to make use of it.

Heart Rate/Activity Graph Screenshot is attached.

This screenshot represents a brisk walk becoming a medium jog up a steady incline, and then settled down to a slow walk. All in just under fifteen minutes. The display can currently represent up to eighty minutes workout session time.

Thanks to MjW for his recent Memory Stick donation. They are much appreciated. Although I maintain the program will recieve no more major updates, another donation might just prompt another one, and get your nick on the greetings screen.

Time Baby is tested with 3.03 OE, and 3.52 M33 firmware versions, and may also work with newer firmwares that support the 1.50 kernel mode addon. It is not compatible with the PSP Slim & Lite.

Download Time Baby V13e from Rapidshare:

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