Raphael has updated triEngine, it’s a programming library useful for mostly game coders.


– Added default sprite mode width/height (if set to 0) resolving to image width/height.
– Changed triDraw*Rotate to not depend on ortho mode anymore (Thanks Xfacter).
– Added double displaylist optimization.
– Added triple Sysram buffer mode that saves up VRAM (API change for triInit() required).
– Added TRI_DLIST_SIZE_KB macro to override the display list size.
– Added new triDraw primitives and fixed triDrawCircle functions (also don’t require a numSteps parameter anymore).
– Added inbuilt font.
– Added support for saving/loading own file format (trf) and compile without Freetype (TRI_SUPPORT_FT).
– Added function to make a font mono spaced.
– Fixed font drawing bug.
– Added triArchive (by tommydanger).
– Added custom particle render function.
– Added more documentation to triGraphics.
– Created branch/modelanimation for preliminary implementation of model animation support.