diadan has released a new version of his homebrew game for the Sony PSP which is based off of the mini-card game found in Final Fantasy IX and it contains cards from various other franchises. If you haven’t played the card game yet it’s pretty addicting and the homebrew is well made.

Features v0.3:

– Quick Match against CPU
– All rules can be used in game (also Plus-Wall which isn’t in original minigame)
– Random cards choice by level
– Available FF8, FF7, FFX and FF DISSIDIA decks
– Original minigame musics
– Italian and English languages

What’s New?

– Added Wall rule
– Added Same/Plus-Wall rule
– “Press START” indication at the end of a game
– Game option + languages save by using option menu (saves like commercial game in PSP/SAVEDATA)
– Game language choice with flags and homelanguage [Italian – English]
– Modified loading screen with a black font
– Changed “V” and “X” with “V yes” e “X no” in game
– Added Vertical card flipping
– Help update (with Plus-Wall rule)

Thanks to http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=13583 and ffaddict for the news!