TweakDISPLAY allows you to alter your PSP display settings.


– NEW EFFECT: Grayscale.
– NEW EFFECT: Oil Paint, makes everything look very artistic.
– MAJOR: Center Mirror Optimized to Full Speed (60 FPS XMB benchmark).
– MAJOR: Contrast Boost algorithm Optimized Close to Full Speed.
– Dramatic reduction in number of CPU instructions every loop.
– Flip Mode buttons applied in GAME mode also.
– Misplaced Flipped Keymapping for the wrong effect; effect couldn’t be changed at times. Fixed.
– Can directly switch to Flipped XMB when TRIANGLE+VOLDOWN is pressed on start.
– Removed FPS display.
– Made Effect names more comprehensible.
– Changed Brightness Boost Keycombo – TRIANGLE + SQUARE + Analog Up/Down.

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