Tweexter is very similar to Gamehouse’s Texttwist. You are given a set of 7 letters(on future release, it will be a combination of 6 and 7 letters) and you have to unscramble it to a more sensible word. To advance to the next round you need to solve the 7 letter word.

Release notes:

Here’s some update from Texttwist’s clone, Tweexter. As a request from one of Tweexter’s user, joseph de Laubriere, I decided to compile a Tweexter version,Tweexter v0.1.1_fra, using a French dictionary. But its a separate eboot. This runs on a 3.XX CFW and possibly 4.XX CFW. Everyone can also download the english eboot, Tweexter v0.1.1_eng. Be reminded, that these releases contain a handful of minor updates(yup, still no sound). For those who have requests to have their language be used on Tweexter, just email me, and if I manage to have some free time, I’ll compile it release it.

Links @ mediafire(eboot only, no source on these ones):

Tweexter v0.1.1_fra(french) and Tweexter v0.1.1_eng(english).

I am planning a full multilingual support, single eboot for many language (thanks to Gabriel Fougeron suggestion). It will only be limited to languages that has the latin alphabets(japanese and korean versions will never be supported).But don’t expect it to be released anytime soon. I’ll be focusing on other projects. On the day after tomorrow my vacation will end and will have to cut my time in developing homebrews. Hopefully, I could squeeze some time in Tweexter.

For those who have used Tweexter, if it is possible to have some feedback from you guys about what firmware versions Tweexter v0.1 and v0.1.1 have worked with and even if didn’t work. Also whether if its slim or fat or just having troubles. Please send your feedback to where (X) = @(some safety measures against bot getting address for spams) or just leave some comments.

Thanks and enjoy.