Ultimate Flash Operation is a flasher program for the PSP with various functions.

5.1 Features:
–Bug fixes
–COMPLETE support for 3.30/3.40/3.51/3.53 OE-X/LE-X/IE-X/M33-X
–New GUI
–Redone Mix n’ Match mode to Flasher Mode
–NEW Theme selecter
–Now accessable through recovery mode
–Added security (MD5sum, Sha-1, Enough flash0 space, File size, M33/OE compatibility)
–Progress bar and progress info while dealing with flash
–Completely Noob friendly
–Tested 1000 times so I know for sure this is a finished version
–Improved file browser stability
–LOLstation is for 3.30/3.40 ONLY, im working on a new LOLstation with 3.52 compatibility
–Save Flash Space is compatible for ALL compatible firmwares
(for 3.52 it uses dummy files)(will also fix Backup/Dump)
–No longer 2 different modes, all 1 mode
–Revised Button Configuration
–MUST be on main menu for USB to work