Ultimate VSH Menu is an advanced VSH Menu for CFW 5.XX. There are many useful features, like hide umd update icon, skip gameboot or load recovery menu.


– All features of the official VSH Menu.
– Slim Colors Patch by Bubbletune integrated (don`t forget to flash 13-27.bmp).
– Ability to hide the MAC address in the System Information.
– Possibility to hide the UMD update icon.
– Skip gameboot can be enabled or disabled (you’ll save ~4sec^^).
– Convert battery option is available in the VSH Menu (convert battery to Pandora, Autoboot or Normal).
– Option to suspend the device.
– VSH Recovery can be opened in the VSH Menu.
– Ability to quickly exit the recovery by pressing SELECT or HOME (or use the normal Exit).
– Recovery can reboot by holding R and going to exit (useful for VSH plugins and other configurations).
– VSH Recovery can be loaded from the Memory Stick (ms0:/seplugins/vshrecovery.prx).
– Compatibility with Lockdown by Torch.