Total_Noob updated Ultimate VSH Menu for PlayStation Portable.


– Press SELECT for open/close Ultimate VSH Menu
– Don’t activated VSH Menu in camera
– Don’t activated VSH Menu in internet browser
– Possibility to change XMB CPU
– Possibility to change Game CPU
– Possibility to change USB device
– Possibility to change UMD iso mode
– Possibility to change game kernel
– Possibility to activated skip sony logo
– Make autoboot battery
– Make pandora battery
– Make normal battery
– Shutdown function
– Suspend function
– Reset function


– If UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT long holds, it will be faster scrolled
– Fixed a bug, that psp is sometimes lame
– Config file is a little changed
– Config loaded only once(no longer the whole time)
– Red and green looks different now
– Added PINK, BROWN, GRAY and YELLOW color
– Added “HIDE MAC ADDRESS” to hide the mac address
– Added “USE SLIM COLORS” to use the slim colors on phat