Total_Noob updated Ultimate VSH Menu for PlayStation Portable.


– Press SELECT for open/close Ultimate VSH Menu
– Don’t activated VSH Menu in camera
– Don’t activated VSH Menu in internet browser
– Possibility to change XMB CPU
– Possibility to change Game CPU
– Possibility to change USB device
– Possibility to change UMD iso mode
– Possibility to change game kernel
– Possibility to activated skip sony logo
– Make autoboot battery
– Make pandora battery
– Make normal battery
– Shutdown function
– Suspend function
– Reset function


– All found bugs fixed
– It removed “flash1:/dic” for more space
– Don’t activated VSH Menu in PSP Store
– Code completely rewritted
– Ultimate VSH Menu can only load after 3 seconds
– Fixed a bug, that sometimes CPU 222 is
– It’s locked only the buttons
– Scrolling is now even faster
– Battery options are added to “MAKE BATTERY”
– Enter is now available with LEFT or RIGHT
– Screenshot now with NOTE, R + NOTE, L + NOTE or R + L possible
– Possibility to change Speed up MS
– “USE SLIM COLORS” appears only on PSP phat
– Added Orange and Purple to “VSH MENU COLOR”
– Added “USB CHARGE” on PSP slim