Akop Karapetyan ported VICE to the PSP. VICE is a C64 emulator.

Release notes:

VICE PSP is now out. The sound lag seems to be fixed; however there are some issues: for one, the FPS counter sometimes reports incorrect data after frame skipping goes into effect (showing 4 FPS, when the emulator’s actually rendering at 50), and annoying stuttering noise while frames are being skipped.

I would like the sound engine to be more polished prior to release, but I’ve only had a few hours to work in the last two weeks (not likely to improve any time soon), and I feel like it’s in a suitable enough state.

VICE is a series of Commodore emulators; for now, I’ve only ported the C64 emulator. I’ve wanted to port a C64 emulator for a while now; as a fan of chiptunes/demoscene music (I recommend Kohina, by the way), I’m familiar with the popular SID chip that gave talented musicians like Martin Galway, Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish an outlet to produce some of the most brilliant sets of bleeps and bloops to grace one’s ears.

Now it’s almost 4 AM, and I should probably turn in.