Akop Karapetyan mentioned something important for the use of VICE PSP, after it’s v2.1.1 release.

Tape and disk image options in VICE PSP:

It seems that in my hurry to put the emulator up for download, I forgot to mention some important usage details about tape and disk image loading. As you may have noticed, VICE PSP normally resets the system, anytime you attempt to load a game from the Game tab. This is behavior that’s consistent in all my ports, and it’s intended to make most games easily loadable. VICE PSP also provides some fine-tuning options, for games that require multiple disks or tapes.

To load tapes/disks without resetting the system, go to the System tab, select the Tape or Drive 8 menu option (depending on whether you want to load a tape or disk image), then press CROSS to load another image. If a tape or disk image is already loaded, it will be ejected, and another one will be loaded in its place. To eject a loaded image, select an option, and press TRIANGLE.

To autoload a program, first load the image, then go to the System tab, highlight the Tape or Drive 8 menu option, and press RIGHT. Select a program from the list, and press CROSS to autoload it. Note that this will reset the system.

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news hint.