VisMP3 is an alternative to the lackluster built-in music player on the PSP. Although it only supports decoding of mp3 formatted files at this time, VisMP3 offers some important features that Sony could not fit into flash0, namely a media library that organizes mp3s (regardless of folder setup)as well as playlist functionality. Also, as indicated by the name, VisMP3 demonstrates several different types of visualizations for a visual as well as audio experience. The Fireworks visualization is a MUST SEE.


Important Additions
* .zip includes a theme I made with a background and all settings included.
* Added control of CPU clock speed. Music plays down to 19 Mhz!! (for cpu speed, the bus speed goes down to 95, that’s the lowest allowed). Now you can get more out of your PSP’s battery!! If you are using a low clock speed, be sure to use simple fonts with no background or the UI will be slow.
* Simple text now has larger version to match pgf font (for list Title, etc)
* Color choice for Fonts now shows a color box instead of changing the item color, which makes it easier to read and also see the color
* Ability to change the media library directory from within the Library options menu

Important Bugfixes
* Playlist now advances correctly after text has faded.
* Playlist control keys no longer affect fade state
* Fixed some bugs in the playlist advancement algorithm
* Changing background while drawing background no longer crashes program,4982.0.html