VSHMenu is an Alternative VSHMenu that has identical functions as the M33 VshMenu along with utilities such as the possibility to change the background color, to power off and to sleep the console, to activate and to disactivate M33 VshMenu from dashboard or to make screenshot of XMB!


-Fixed problems with USB device setting when UMD9660 were selected.
-Last USB Device chosen will be saved, so at PSP reboot default USB Device will be last one chosen.
-Changes to CPU and BUS frequency will be applied immediately on menu closing, without requiring console reboot.
-Add UMD-VIDEO function (like M33 VSHMenu)
-ISOs in ISO/VIDEO directory will be checked on every VSHmenu beginning, so changes (adding/removing ISO) will be realized immeditely without requiring console reboot!
-Now pressing again the “start” key VSHMenu will close itself.

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.