Wagic is an Heroic Fantasy battle game reproducing the rules of a famous Collectible trading card game. In Wagic, you fight against an AI with your deck of cards. Each time you win, you earn credits to buy more cards in the shop, and improve your deck. Wagic runs also on Windows and Linux.


* More than 500 new cards, including cards from New Phyrexia, Commander, and Magic 2012. Wagic now supports more than 8150 unique cards (14700 total), and a total of 100 sets.
* People who want to manage their MTG collection can now go to their options and set the “grade” level to “unsupported”. This will basically unlock all the cards that Wagic doesn’t fully support, bringing the total unique cards to roughly 12’000. Coupled with the cheat mode, this will allow you to use the trophy room and the Deck Editor as a database of all Magic cards.
* Improvements to thread support for images, and overall cache/performance improvements. The experience on the PSP should overall be smoother than in Wagic 0.15.
* Files in the rules folder are now loaded dynamically, allowing people to create their own mods without hijacking existing files such as mtg.txt. As an example, added two new game modes : Hermit Druid and Stone Hewer. Also added a file modrules.xml, which in the long run will contain most of the needed information to define a Wagic mod.
* Decks and rules can be “unlocked” (useful for mod creators).
* Added a “hint” system for AI decks, giving some “guidance” on how to use a deck (experimental)
* Many improvements in the mouse handling on non PSP Platforms
* Some new abilities/keywords in the engine, including a “tutorial” message system, allowing mod creators to introduce the rules of their mods to players.
* Switched the windows version to SDL, merged the “keyboard” and “mouse” versions together, there is now only one Windows version.
* Countless bug fixes in cards and the engine