Wagic is a game that allows you to play “Magic the Gathering” against an AI opponent.

Release notes:

I’m happy to say that version 0.2.1 is now available for download. Thanks to all the beta testers who helped (a lot !) in finding bugs and (hopefully) making this release even better than version 0.2.0. I’ll try to release the sources later this weekend (gotta go to a party right now and I’m already late…)

There is quite an amount of changes in this new release, as you can see below. Overall the game should be more stable, as lots of memory leaks have been solved, and some critical bugs have been corrected. I was also expecting it to be faster, but unfortunately some of the features and checks that have been added add some slowness when there are a lot of cards on the screen. Hopefully I’ll find a way to solve that in next release.