Wagic is a game that allows you to play “Magic the Gathering” against an AI opponent.


– Added 240 new cards, including the ones from the Ice Age Mod by Abrasax, and cards from Shadowmoor
(PSP) Mp3 Playback fixed. (note : Mp3s can’t have an ID3V2 tag)
– Added SFX (check the Res/sound/sfx/README.txt file for customization)
– Shop Memory leak fixed. Going repeatedly to the shop should not crash the game anymore
– The deck editor now has 3 scrolling speeds. You can switch by using the “select” button
– (internal) Input system updated
– (Windows) it is now possible to resize the window and play fullscreen
– Added an avatar directory for the AI. Check Res/ai/baka/avatars/README.txt for customization !
– The cards file parser has been upgraded, you can now add more cards by yourself:
* new keywords : lord , life ,foreach,bury all, destroy all, @, draw,…
* target mechanism updated (attacker, blocker, colors, tapped, abilities…)
– The AI should play Wrath of God and other such cards more “wisely”
– You can now choose your opponent based on its deck name when you play against the AI. Difficulty is computed based on your victories against the AI with a specific deck.
– (sources/internal): you can now play the game on Linux (if you compile it from the sources) (thanks J !)
– New mana icons, new logo
– Fixed a graveyard bug that made the game crash
– A few ingame speed improvements