Wagic is a game that allows you to play “Magic the Gathering” against an AI opponent.


The most obvious change in this version is that no copyrighted content is included in this release. This means no cool card thumbnails, but Wagic of course still allows you to put your own card pictures in the appropriate folders to play with nice graphics. If you need help on how to add your own card pictures to the game, the forum might help you. If not, google is your friend, I guess.

Now for the good new features:

– More than 300 new cards, including cards from Tempest, Portal, and the new Conflux Expansion. Many thanks to Dr. Solomat for his work on Tempest and Portal. This means Wagic now officially has more than 1000 cards you can play with, not counting all the ones you can create by yourself (sky’s the limit, yeah!). As usual, check the forums for more cards!
– Wagic now handles Token generators such as the Hive
Sacrifice has been added (I know you’ve been waiting for this one for a long time!)
– New ability keyword: cloud
– Lots of improvements in the card parser, new keywords, etc…. Cards such as Siege-gang Commander, Bad Moon, or the hive can now be 100% coded in the _cards.dat files without having to know one single line of C++ (sacrifice, token generators, “lord” ability improvement, multiple abilites for one cost,moveTo,…)
– Font fixes
– New cool menus
– Lots of improvements for cards shown in “text” mode
– Too many bug fixes to tell