Wagic is an Heroic Fantasy battle game reproducing the rules of a famous Collectible trading card game. In Wagic, you fight against an AI with your deck of cards. Each time you win, you earn credits to buy more cards in the shop, and improve your deck.


– New card: Clone! (thanks gdspsp!)
– New game mode: Momir Basic! Play against the AI with more than 800 creatures in a mix of random fun and strategy! I’ll explain later on this blog (http://wololo.net/wagic) how to unlock this extra mode
– More than 300 new cards, including cards from the sets Mercadian Masques, Mirrodin, Odyssey, but also in other sets (10th edition, Revised, Shadowmoor, Eventide, Shards of Alara, Conflux, Ice Age, Invasion, Lorwyn, Mirage, Portal, Tempest…). Wagic now allows you to play with more than 1600 cards! (many thanks Dr.Solomat and leungclj!)
– Improved memory usage for card textures (For those interested, JGE now allows you to load jpeg files in 5551 while being in 8888 memory mode)
– New “cache size” option. Slim owners might want to try to push it up to 60, while Phat owners probably need to stay below 20. Increasing the cache size while improve game speed if you play with card pictures, but might increase the risks of crashes. Try to find the value that best suits your needs.
– Improved stability. The game has been reported to crash less than version 0.5.1
– New parser keywords: mustattack, cantattack, cantblock, may, copy. I will update the “create your own cards” page soon.
– New alternate deck format (card names rather than their id), should make it easier to create your own decks (for yourself or the AI) with a text editor.
– The test suite now allows card names rather than their id, makes it easier to write tests.
– Small shop improvements, to make it easier to buy cards and boosters
– Victory is becoming more exciting than before, as you get bonus credits depending on how well you beat your opponent.
– 5 new AI decks (thanks Abrasax)
– Bug fixes for the following cards: Arcanis the omnipotent, Elvish Piper, Fastbond, Fountain of youth, Nevinyrral’s Disk,Spirit Link, …
-Other bug fixes related to the following: lifelink, more than 100 cards in deck, more than 64 abilities in play, nightmare with 0/0 that doesn’t go to graveyard when it comes into play, selling cards in deck editor…