Yet another Pong game for Playstation Portable, which comes with minor weapon twists.

Release notes:

This is a game i made quite a while ago, but never got around to releasing…
so here it is, an original game called war pong.

to play:
analog to control paddle
if you fail to hit the ball before it hits your side, you lose 1 health
you have 100 health, if you lose it, i think you know what happens (death…)
shoot the square in the cross hairs to get a rocket
x to shoot bullet
o to shoot rocket
rockets do 10 damage
bullets do 1 damage
3 powerups (shoot to get)
5 levels
10 minute’s for a level
a boss at the end
kill the enemy

feedback would be nice. may make more bosses, probably not though…
don’t look at the code(i coded it a while ago, and it is a pile of %#^$ code)

here it is: