mGBA is a Game Boy Advance emulator written in C. The project started in April 2013 with the goal of being fast enough to run on lower end hardware than other emulators support, without sacrificing accuracy or portability. Even in the initial version, games generally play without problems. It is loosely based on the previous GBA.js emulator, although very little of GBA.js can still be seen in mGBA.



* Core: Fix ROM patches not being unloaded when disabled (fixes
* 3DS: Fix opening files in directory names with trailing slashes
* LR35902: Fix watchpoints not reporting new value
* GB MBC: Fix MBC2 saves (fixes
* GB Memory: HDMAs should not start when LCD is off (fixes
* GB Memory: Fix OAM DMA blocking regions (fixes
* GB Video: Only trigger STAT write IRQs when screen is on (fixes
* GBA: Fix some GBA ROM misdetection (fixes
* GBA: Fix SharkPort saves for EEPROM games
* GBA Audio: Increase PSG volume (fixes
* GBA BIOS: Fix incorrect exit condition in LZ77
* GBA Cheats: Fix PARv3 slide codes (fixes
* GBA Cheats: Fix slide codes not initializing properly
* GBA DMA: ROM reads are forced to increment
* GBA Hardware: RTC accuracy improvements
* GBA I/O: Fix writing to DISPCNT CGB flag (fixes
* GBA Memory: Fix copy-on-write memory leak
* GBA Memory: Partially revert prefetch changes (fixes
* GBA Savedata: Fix crash when resizing flash
* GBA Video: Force align 256-color tiles
* GBA Video: OBJWIN can change blend params after OBJ is drawn (fixes
* PSP2: Fix issues causing poor audio
* Python: Fix package directory
* Qt: Fix locale being set to English on settings save (fixes
* Qt: Fix opening in fullscreen (fixes
* Wii: Fix screen tear when unpausing
* Wii: Fix various setup and teardown drawing issues (fixes

* 3DS: Scale font based on glyph heights (fixes
* GB MBC: Remove erroneous bank 0 wrapping
* GBA: Improve multiboot image detection
* PSP2: Use system enter key by default