Build lightweight networks of service-based components (SOA). Framework for autonomous behaviour, self-organising mechansim and distributed/remote communication. Separate packages for server, client/GUI and problem solving. Java J2ME CDC compatible.


* The capability to build distributed networks of autonomic service-based components.
* Permanent and dynamic linking mechanisms to construct the network architecture.
* Autonomic self-organisation through a dynamic (stigmergy) linking mechanism.
* Password protection of the services, providing some level of security.
* Remote communication capabilities through an XML-RPC message passing mechanism.
* Framework for adding an Autonomic Manager to a service.
* Framework for adding metadata and negotiation through Service Level Agreements.
* Dynamic Web Service invocation through WSDL document parsing.
* Compatability with the Java mobile (J2ME) environment.
* Example instant messenger and file sharing services.
* New look all-in-one GUI for viewing or testing networks.