MeBoy is a Gameboy emulator for mobile phones (which means you can use it to play Gameboy games on a mobile phone). It works on phones with support for Java Micro Edition, specifically MIDP 2.0. Your phone manufacturer’s web site can tell you if this includes your phone.

MeBoy supports both Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, and with version 2.0 you can even play your games with sound!

With MeBoy you can also save your progress at any time, whether the game itself supports saving or not. Any number of saved games can be stored concurrenly (only limited by your phone’s available storage space). Since version 2.0, you can share your saved games with your friends via Bluetooth.

Release notes:

6 Dec 2008: MeBoy 2.1 released! 2.1 fixes several bugs in 2.0, including missing sprites and a bug that prevented the real-time clock to update. The “experimental” sound mode should now also sound much better. MeBoy also sports its own icon on the theme “What if the Gameboy Color had a numeric keypad?”, but you can choose a different icon if you want in MeBoyBuilder. Finally, Greek and Russian translations are included – thanks Klimis Ioannidis and murrenna!

Thanks to Bjoern Carlin, the author of MeBoy himself, for the news hint via email.