MeBoy is a Gameboy emulator for mobile phones (which means you can use it to play Gameboy games on a mobile phone). It works on phones with support for Java Micro Edition, specifically MIDP 2.0. Your phone manufacturer’s web site can tell you if this includes your phone.

MeBoy supports both Gameboy and Gameboy Color games, and with version 2.0 you can even play your games with sound!

With MeBoy you can also save your progress at any time, whether the game itself supports saving or not. Any number of saved games can be stored concurrenly (only limited by your phone’s available storage space). Since version 2.0, you can share your saved games with your friends via Bluetooth..

Release notes:

Improved speed of writes to graphics memory
Improved screen redraw syncing, especially for Advanced Graphics mode
Improved speed of doubled sprites (8×16 pixel) by drawing one large image instead of two small
Improved speed of decoding images in Advanced Graphics mode
Tweaked the sprite drawing loop to be slightly faster and better reflect the order sprites should be drawn, especially in Gameboy Color games
Simple Graphics mode now crops images that have transparent borders
Simple Graphics detects solid images, and creates Images without alpha channel
Tweaked decoding of images when scaling the screen to 75%
Fixed flicker when the LCD screen was turned off
Fixed bug when decoding Gameboy Color palettes (Pokemon trading card game starts now)
Fixed HDMA bug when interrupts are disabled (Donkey Kong Country starts now)
Fixed speed-switch bug where read-only bits could be written to (Conker’s Pocket Tales starts now)
Tweaked handling of cart-RAM (hopefully improving compatibility, but it’s hard to tell)
Emulation is now paused when setting keys

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