MID4th is a Forth System for Java MIDP-2.0 phones.

Release notes:

An ANS Forth System written in Java2ME. It is adapted for Mobile devices from WebForth, available at the FIG archive. The Forth is reasonably standard with referance to the Dpans94 standard document, with a few changes to facilitae use on a mobile device. The main features are as follows.

The Forth suports persistant blocks of size 256 UTF-16 characters. There are 256 blocks in a block set. The current block set can be edited through the Java interface, or saved, or loaded. A Java based block set manager can be used to load or delete block sets.

The use of general URL files is supported. Any URL may be supplid as a filename, and opening the file is done read only. Writes to files are sandboxed, and so no changes are ever made to files.

There are PlatformSpecificWords to control many features of MID4th.

The display supports a background bitmap with 16 bit colour depth (ARGB each 4 bits), and an overlayed full colour font capacity. Alignment is to an 8*8 pixel grid monospacing of TheFont.

The playing of MIDI notes is supported, with note 69 being 440Hz. The notes play asynchronously, so as not to interfere with execution. There are facilities to synchronize code with the device master clock, and multimedia abilities depending on the phone model. Note that some phones suspend or end MIDlets when a media stream is opened, and this may be anoying.