AntSnesQt is a SNES emulator for Symbian OS.


The AntSnes Qt is ready for first testing round. The whole UI is now working on top of Qt, so I expect there to be some new bugs compared to the older AntSnes version. The good news is that this installation won’t overwrite the older AntSnes. I also heard the the D-pad doesn’t suck anymore, so you should be able to use this emu with touch only phones too.

I didn’t even try to get the Audio working, since the QAudio is not yet working in the Qt 4.6.2. I’ll continue with that after the QAudio is finalized by Nokia.

Know issues:
1. The audio is not yet implemented.
2. Save states are now found in different slots than in the previous AntSnes release.
3. The installation is now a bit more complicated, since the SWEvent capability is required.