FreeCallSprite is a dial-up enhancing software.

The core functions of FreeCallSprite:

1, Call connected reminding. It supports vibration, lights and loudspeaker reminding.
2, Custom dial key sounds
3, Dial helper(finds the numbers you input in contact and on-screen display)


1, Add the number type display.
2, Now support E71.
3, Hide the running circle of the icon.
4, Rewrite the searching core, now it’s much faster and costs less memory when there are many contacts.
5, Add DisplayOrder options for the cfg file, which you can set the number and the name ‘s display order.
6, Add 3 actions: “Send MMS”, “Send To Idle” and “Copy to clipboard”, and you can customize the action of each arrow key.
7, Add the “Search Mode” option: “From Beginning” and “Anywhere”.
8, Fix many bugs.